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My Natural Approach started many years ago (probably early 1990’s) after meeting and having a holistic veterinarian treat two of my dogs and an animal chiropractor treat others.  It’s a long story on why we ended up seeing this veterinarian so I won’t detail it here.  I was very lucky in that I met these two amazing people and that they were the best in their fields here in the east if not in the United States.  They started me on a quest to read and study all that I could about vaccines, homeopathy and other environmental influences on our dogs.

Dr. Jean Dodds and Dr. Ronald Schultz are the preeminent experts on vaccines.  I started following their protocols.  At first we spaced our boosters to 3 years, but as their research continued their recommendations changed.  Today the recommendation is ONE distemper/parvo vaccine at 16 weeks of age for lifetime immunity.  Now, this one doesn’t work for me as it would require avoiding all contact with public animals for that 16 week period and you would lose so much socialization time.  So I am currently sticking with the 8 - 12 - 16 protocol.  And no boosters.  Further, I do not use any other vaccines except rabies which is required by law.  But when getting their rabies vaccine I immediately give a single dose of Thuja to counteract the toxins that are in the vaccine.  I also stretch the time to the limit or as close as I can get to 364 days + 2 years for the 3 year booster.

No matter what your vet says you can say NO to vaccines.  If you have a vet who can’t live with that it is time to move on.

Food – We have used the same all natural dog food for over 25 years.  There have been no recalls and the only change in ingredients has been the elimination of grains.  We feed Annamaet Encore to all of our adults.

When we realized that the flea and tick spot treatment we were using required us to use gloves we started to wonder if it was harming the dogs.  I mean why did we need gloves; if it was that toxic what was it doing to the dogs.  So, more internet research yielded the a recipe for a flea and tick spray.

Add several drops to a spray bottle of water and shake well before spraying the dog avoiding their eyes.  You can also add several drops to a warm water rinse at the end of a bath.  Lynn named this mixture Tick’d Off.  I can ship it.  Visit our Tick’d Off & Fear Formula page to order.  Tick’d Off & Fear Formula

Heartworm – I give 1 capsule of Nature’s Way Black Walnut Hull (500 mg) per dog 3 days a week.  This has worked for over 10 years for me and recent heartworm tests have all been negative.  Plus it is only $6.00 per bottle of 100.  Again, no toxins for the dog.

Most recently (over 3 years ago) I discovered and began using a product called NuVet Plus, an immune system booster.  Even puppies get NuVet in the powdered form once they begin to eat their mush and graduate to the tablets once they have teeth.  Since starting our dogs on NuVet Plus we have not needed to take any dog to the vet for general health issues.  No dog show crud, no kennel cough (and we have not vaccinated for kennel cough in over 20 years) and no other health issues.  We have only visited the vet with our 3 elderly dogs when it was time to say goodbye.  I have two short stories on our webpage - Nuvet .  All 6 dogs receive NuVet Plus daily and the 4 older dogs get NuVet’s NuJoint DS as a preventative to joint issues.

It’s all about protecting their immune system from environmental and other toxins.  We do not use any type of weed killer or cleaning products that may be harmful. 

I am so adamant about these thoughts that many are now included in our puppy contract along with not spaying or neutering before 18 months of age to be sure that all the growth plates have closed.

There are many great websites with info on natural care. 

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As you research you will see that many of these articles have been around for years…they are still timely.







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