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Read all about how to find a responsible breeder and weed out the profit breeder or puppy mill in this article written by a very responsible breeder in TexasJust click here.

Health, temperament and natural hunting instincts are our priority.  All of our breedings are done to comply with the

AKC Standard of the German Shorthaired Pointer.  

Click here to read the AKC Standard.

Please read our

Puppy Placement Policy

An excellent article to guide you in finding that perfect puppy!



Text Box: Interested parties should request, complete and return the Puppy Questionnaire.
Only returned questionnaires will be added to the waiting list.
Use the link below to print or copy & paste to an email or
Send an email to sunniefair@live.com to request a Puppy Questionnaire.

We have no plans for a future litter at this time, but we will be happy to assist you in finding a responsible breeder.


A responsible breeder does all of the recommended health tests prior to breeding and will be a support system for you and your puppy for life.  They will also have a contract that has a health guarantee, a clause that requires spay or neuter and will always take back a puppy that they bred for life and any reason.